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It's easy to make your stay in Dubai bright and full of pleasant impressions with our wakesurf club called EYWOA! We will help you to catch wave of good mood and adrenaline, discover a new kind of water sport and just have a wonderful and positive time!

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Wakeboarding, a popular water sport and interesting entertainment for people of all ages, will help to fill your holiday in the Emirates with vivid emotions and adrenaline. Our EYWOA club is ready to organize wakeboarding in Emirates for you. In order to get this just contact us by phone or through the website and choose a convenient date and time.

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It's easy to make your stay in Dubai bright and full of pleasant impressions with our wakesurf club called EYWOA! We will help you to catch wave of good mood and adrenaline, discover a new kind of water sport and just have a wonderful and positive time!

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Custom boards

Custom boards

Custom boards

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Sign up to surf with EYWOA offering full range of water activities in Abu Dhabi. Surfing, wakesurfing, wakeboarding, wakefoil - we will help you to catch a wave of good mood and positive emotions! Holidays with EYWOA will be vivid!

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Surfing in Abu Dhabi

Surfing is waves, fresh breeze, a lot of fun, bright emotions and benefits for your health. Sign up for surfing at the EYWOA club: we offer high quality service and a full range of water activities at the best prices! For registration just contact the managers of the surf park by phone or leave a request on the website.

Surfing in Emirates

Surfing is often called the sport of kings, because in the past catching huge waves on the board was available only for wealthy people. Nowadays, anyone who is looking for vivid sensations, adrenaline, who wants to feel the power of the sea and curb it can do surfing. Our club EYWOA offers surfing in Dubai: we will provide a powerful boat, all necessary equipment and help you to learn the basics of catching waves as well and get the most out of your vacation in the sunny Emirates!

Surfing involves sliding on the water surface on a special board. The speed of movement and its direction will depend on the stance of the surfer. Of course, the waves in Dubai are not as powerful and huge as on the Australian coast, however, their strength and height will be quite enough to enjoy the process of riding, work out the technique or start mastering the art of surfing. Emirates regularly host a surfing festival, where athletes from all over the world take part.

Surfing is not only entertainment and physical endurance training. Practicing this water sport can bring invaluable benefit to your health and body strength. Surfing strengthens the cardiovascular system, speeds up metabolic processes, helps to compensate vitamin D deficiency, improves sleep, develops coordination and balance.

The EYWOA club will help you to get benefit and pleasure of surfing in Dubai. The club offers services for training and rental of necessary equipment.

Surf lessons in Dubai

Learning to surf is a rather complicated and time-consuming process. Basic knowledge and skills can be acquired in a few lessons, but in order to catch the wave, stay on it and feel the wave, you need to practice constantly. Instructors of our surf park in Dubai are ready to introduce beginners to the basics of this water sport. Training takes place in two main phases:

  • Training. Classes are held in the surf zone, in the place where the waves have already hit the shore and foamed. The instructor will teach you to catch the foam from the waves, stand on the board and keep your balance;
  • When a beginner learns to work in the "foam zone", classes are moved to the lineup zone. Lineup is a surfer jargon word for a place in the ocean or sea where surfers wait and catch a wave. The task of this stage is learning to chose the waves that are optimal for riding, catch them and ride on the water without losing balance.

To surf on your own, you need to acquire not only practical skills, but also learn theory. It is important to learn selection of the right boards, a place for surfing, remember how to act in extreme situations.

You can get all the necessary knowledge for surfing from EYWOA instructors. We will teach you to catch and conquer the waves! To order surfing on Yas island, Yas Marina just call our club.


Surf rental

Surfing requires equipment and the main equipment for a surfer is a surfboard. It is necessary to know how the board can be chosen. For beginners a soft top board fits perfectly - a thick lightweight board with increased width. It seems massive, but it is the easiest way to learn keeping balance on it. The soft coverage will provide safety for the surfer and protect from injuries.

In addition to the board for comfortable riding the waves you will also need accessories such as fins and a leash. A special suit is also needed, it will protect against overheating or hypothermia, injuries appearing when falling and hitting the board. Our EYWOA club is ready to provide everything you need for surfing.

Surfing in Abu Dhabi: benefits

Emirates is a great place for surfing and other water sports. The weather here is excellent pushing to active entertainment and water sport. Gentle sun, refreshing breeze, warm and clear water. You can spend every day of your holiday in Abu Dhabi not being bored doing the most popular water sports: wakesurfing, wakeboarding, riding a wakefoil or surfing.

You can rent a surfboard and get training by contacting our EYWOA surf park. Conditions for surfing in Abu Dhabi are perfect, they are suitable for both beginners and professionals.

We offer individual and group surf lessons. They are held by qualified coaches, professional athletes. Instructors teach not only the basics of surfing, but also ensure the safety of beginners during lessons.

We are offering you:

  • Perfect conditions for training;
  • Full range of equipment from the world's leading manufacturers;
  • Experience and sensitivity of instructors;
  • Affordable prices.

It is very easy to sign up for classes and rental of surfing equipment: call EYWOA! We draw your attention to the fact that on weekends the demand for surf training and rental increases, so we recommend signing up for lessons and skating in advance!

Prices for surfing in the Emirates

Our surf park offers affordable prices for surfing lessons and rentals. The cost of training will depend on the format: EYWOA instructors provide individual and group training. In addition, we are ready to offer you beneficial packages consisting of a different number of classes. Choose the one that suits you! The cost of the lessons includes equipment and free drinks!

For those who stand confidently on the board and want to improve their skills and ride in new places, we are ready to offer surf guide service. Our guide will show you perfect spots for catching the waves, help you to get to them and ride with you.

Surfing rental prices are listed on our website.