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It's easy to make your stay in Dubai bright and full of pleasant impressions with our wakesurf club called EYWOA! We will help you to catch wave of good mood and adrenaline, discover a new kind of water sport and just have a wonderful and positive time!

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Wake-foil is one of the newest and most exiting innovation the "fun behind the boat" industry has seen in years. It is relatively new sport that have taken the boating industry by storm!  Wakefoiling a new system to fly behind any boat in any type of condition, rough water, smooth water, stormy water. Wakefoiling is a completely different sensation compared to wakeboarding or wakesurfing. The foils are designed to rise above the water at a certain speed which makes it feel like you’re flying or floating above the water. The sensation of riding a foil is unlike anything else you’ve ever rode behind the boat.

Our advantages


Ideal water conditions – flat all the time


The largest and newest boat in Abu Dhabi


Coaching staff – qualified instructors


Coaching is complimentary


New equipment

Session Length

We count only time of riding (towing does not count)

Our price

Malibu Wakesetter 24 MXZ 2021
30 min session
300 AED
One hour week day
500 AED
One hour weekend
550 AED
10 hours package
4800 AED
  • Up to 6 people
  • Coaching is complimentary
  • Equipment is included
  • Soft beverages are included
  • Good mood after session is included
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Moomba Helix
30 min session
300 AED
One hour week day
450 AED
One hour weekend
500 AED
10 hours package
4300 AED
  • Up to 4 people
  • Coaching is complimentary
  • Equipment is included
  • Soft beverages are included
  • Good mood after session is included
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Wakefoil in Abu Dhabi

Incredible impressions, positive, vivid emotions and memories - all this can give you wakefoil in Dubai. It is water entertainment and a new sport that our EYWOA club offers its customers. Experience the amazing feeling of flying over the sea by booking a ride at our Wakefoil Park! We accept applications for the service by phone and online through the website.

Wakefoil in Dubai: what is it?

Wakefoiling involves the use of a special board equipped with a hydrofoil. This element, which was added to the traditional wakeboard, allows you not only to ride behind a boat that creates a wave, but to soar, fly over the water. The sensations received from wakefoil cannot be described in words, they must be experienced, they are so bright and incredible! Trying wakefoil during holiday in Abu Dhabi is easy: book a ride at our EYWOA club!

Wakefoil is a type of foilsurfing, but unlike it it does not require any lengthy preliminary preparation or many hours of waiting for a suitable wave. Experienced instructors of our park will teach you the basics of wakefoil and powerful, new boats will create a high-quality, endless wave: MALIBU WAKESETTER 24 MXZ 2021, MOOMBA HELIX 2018.

Wakefoil Yas island, Yas Marina: training

Not only experienced riders, but also beginners can fly over the waves on a wakefoil. Our EYWOA wakefoil park offers wakefoil training as a part of its services. Coaching goes like this:

  • For beginners a small board of shortened length and a short hydrofoil are selected;
  • The start of the rider comes from the water, technical-wise it is not different from the start in wakeboarding;
  • You can use the front loop in order to get up easier.

After the rider gets on the board his main task will be to keep the body in the correct stance. Stance will be shown to you by our qualified coaches. Standing up is not as difficult as it might seem to an inexperienced rider: the boat will move at minimum speed and without taking off the wing. After the rider takes stance the boat will gradually pick up speed, but our drivers do not exceed the permissible and safe speed limits under any circumstances!

EYWOA instructors will teach you not only properly staying on the board during wakefoil, but also properly falling into the water. The process of learning the basics of wakefoil takes 15-20 minutes, such lesson will be enough to master the rules and basic skills. Coaching is provided free of charge!

Having learned to stay on a wakefoil flying over the water for more than one or two minutes you can move on to learning to fly without a halyard, on a wave.

Wakefoil in Emirates: how to ride?

To ride a wakefoil you just need to contact the EYWOA managers. You can do this in any way convenient for you: by phone, through the website, by leaving an online application for the service.

For riding you need to choose a convenient time and date. If you plan to arrive on the weekend, we advise you to make a reservation in advance, because the demand for water activities on Saturday and Sunday is always higher than on weekdays.

For riding you only need to come to the pier: equipment and wakefoil rental are included in the total cost of the service and do not require any additional surcharge.

Hydrofoil in Abu Dhabi

Our club offers to try not only wakefoil, but also hydrofoil in Yas island, Yas Marina. A hydrofoil is a surfboard that has a special element: a hydrofoil. With movement it is pushed up and rises above the water. Therefore, the kiter does not ride the waves, but flies over them.

We recommend hydrofoiling for those who already has experience in wakeboarding and wakefoiling and who knows how to hold a stance and catch a wave well and correctly. But beginners can also receive hydrofoil training services. Instructors will help you master the stance, rules of safe falling and other important nuances of hydrofoil boarding.

You don't have to wait for huge ocean waves to ride a hydrofoil. A boat will create a wave of the required height and strength. Our hydrofoil park has the most powerful boats: MALIBU WAKESETTER 24 MXZ 2021 and MOOMBA HELIX 2018 allowing you to get strong endless waves and unlimited pleasure from flying over them!

To order a hydrofoil in Dubai book a convenient time for weekdays or weekends on our website. We offer our customers a full range of water entertainment and first-class service! You do not have to spend extra money for equipment: hydrofoil rental is included in the price of the service.

Hydrofoil in Emirates from EYWOA is adrenaline, endorphins and great mood!

Wakefoil, hydrofoil: benefits

We offer our clients:

  • Opportunity to learn new and mega-popular water sports;
  • Wakefoiling, hydrofoiling in the neighborhood of Yas island, the most beautiful, artificially created island in the Emirates, which has long ago become the center of world tourism;
  • A powerful fleet of boats that will create great, strong, endless waves. We have the most modern and new boats in Abu Dhabi;
  • Coaching from qualifications trained instructors able to work with riders of different ages and levels of training;
  • All the necessary equipment purchased from proven manufacturers with a worldwide reputation;
  • Perfectly flat water for comfortable and safe riding.

Ordering wakefoil and hydrofoil at EYWOA is easy and simple: choose the date and time and contact the managers by phone. You can also leave a request directly on the site, and our employees will contact you and answer in details all your questions about the service and services.

On the day of arrival we will meet you at the pier and this is how your incredible and memorable adventure will begin! Our instructors can film or take photos of your ride so you can share your experience with friends, colleagues or family.

Favorable prices for wakefoil, hydrofoil in Emirates

It is convenient to get acquainted with the prices for wakefoil, hydrofoil in Dubai directly on the website. They are calculated by taking into account the model of the boat, time and date, we also offer our customers advantageous packages that allow you to ride longer and pay less!

Our prices include only riding time, you won't overpay for towing! Non-alcoholic soft drinks, equipment, coaching will be provided for free as a nice bonus from the EYWOA Wakefoil Park!

Still have questions about services or orders? Call us right now!

Make your holiday in the Emirates incredibly vivid with water activities from the EYWOA club!