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It's easy to make your stay in Dubai bright and full of pleasant impressions with our wakesurf club called EYWOA! We will help you to catch wave of good mood and adrenaline, discover a new kind of water sport and just have a wonderful and positive time!

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All ages, skills and abilities

Wakesurfing involves a surfer trailing behind a motorboat on a surfboard and literally surfing through the boat's wake without being attached to the boat. The boats are extra loaded with weight to increase the size of wake and make the sport more challenging.

Wakesurfing is something that everyone can enjoy, from people trying it for the first time to professional athletes preparing for a competition.

Wakesurfing can absolutely be a family sport, and a great outing that everyone can enjoy and experience.

A day on the water wakesurfing will be an experience the whole family is sure to cherish and talk about for years to come.

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Our advantages


Ideal water conditions – flat all the time


The largest and newest boat in Abu Dhabi


Coaching staff – Ex Pro/Champion WWA 2011 Master and qualified instructors


Coaching is complimentary


New equipment

Session Length

We count only time of riding (towing does not count)

Our price

Malibu Wakesetter 24 MXZ 2021
30 min session
300 AED
One hour week day
500 AED
One hour weekend
550 AED
10 hours package
4800 AED
  • Up to 6 people
  • Coaching is complimentary
  • Equipment is included
  • Soft beverages are included
  • Good mood after session is included
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Moomba Helix
30 min session
300 AED
One hour week day
450 AED
One hour weekend
500 AED
10 hours package
4300 AED
  • Up to 4 people
  • Coaching is complimentary
  • Equipment is included
  • Soft beverages are included
  • Good mood after session is included
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Wakesurf in Abu Dhabi

It's easy to make your stay in Dubai bright and full of pleasant impressions with our wakesurf club called EYWOA! We will help you to catch wave of good mood and adrenaline, discover a new kind of water sport and just have a wonderful and positive time!

What is wakesurf?

Wakesurf is a recent form of surfing that has quickly become popular around the world due to its unique features and benefits. To ride a wakesurf you do not have to analyze the weather forecast, learn complex technical techniques. All you need for riding the waves is a board (wakesurf), an experienced driver and a powerful boat. All of this is at your disposal in our wakesurf park EYWOA!

Our fast boats will create breaking waves for you to ride and have unforgettable experience. There is nothing complicated in the technique of wakesurfing in order to master it, it will be enough to spend 15-20 minutes of your time. English and Russian speaking instructors will teach you the correct stance, safety precautions and other secrets of wakesurfing!

Features of wakesurfing

Learning to wakesurf, if you have not been involved in this type of water sport before, will be a mandatory step of the program. To get the most out of jumping on the waves you need to choose the right stance. The process goes like this:

  • The boat sails a short distance from the shore while ballast is loaded onto one of its sides providing a high and high-quality wave;
  • The rider holding on to the wakesurfer's halyard is waiting for the breaking wave to appear;
  • Once the wave is caught you can enjoy the ride or perform different tricks on the wave.

Signing up for wakesurfing in Dubai at the EYWOA club is easy and simple: dial our contact phone number or book a convenient time directly on our website.

 Wakesurf Yas island, Yas Marina

 Wakesurf on Yas island will be remembered for bright and positive impressions as it will take place in the most popular part of Abu Dhabi among tourists. Yas Island was built artificially, it has modern and developed infrastructure and a coastline of 32 kilometers. It is on this island that luxury hotels and amusement parks are located, the Yas Marina race track was built here, where the F1 Grand Prix is ​​held.

And of course, near Yas Island you can easily catch a wave for wakesurfing, enjoy amazing landscapes,  freshness of the sea breeze and gentle, warm sea.

What do you need for wakesurfing?

Everything you need for wakesurfing you will find in our EYWOA club! We offer:

  • wakesurf rental;
  • wakesurfing instruction and training;
  • first class service.

You can come to us with friends and family. We organize wakesurfing for experienced athletes and beginners. Services of trainers and instructors are free of charge, they are included in the cost of the trip.

Order wakesurfing in Dubai

To order wakesurfing in Dubai you need to contact the EYWOA club managers in advance and choose a convenient time. On the appointed day we will meet you at the pier, which is easily accessible from anywhere in the city. An experienced boat driver and instructor will take part in the race. For beginners in wakesurfing the session will begin with a tutorial that takes 5 to 15 minutes. This time is enough to learn standing on a wakesurf and feel confident! During the lesson the instructor will be nearby and ensure your safety and comfort.

After the training you can leave the port and start riding in the sea enjoying the sun, wind, endless waves that our powerful boats will create for you. Our instructor can take a photo or video of the wakesurf session, so you can share your experience with your friends and keep the vivid memories of wakesurfing in Abu Dhabi for a lifetime!

Wakesurfing from the EYWOA club: benefits

By ordering wakesurfing in Dubai at the EYWOA club you will get a number of benefits:

  • Perfect conditions: flat water allowing you to get high-quality, high and endless waves;
  • Waves for you will be created by large, new and powerful boats. In our park there are only the best advanced technology!
  • Safety and comfort of riders during wakesurfing is ensured by the presence of experienced and qualified instructors;
  • Training in wakesurfing in our club is free!
  • We provide for the rent all the necessary equipment for wakesurfing. It is of high quality, new, released by trusted manufacturers.

Another nice bonus from the EYWOA club is attractive prices for wakesurfing. The price includes only the time you spend riding the waves!

Price for wakesurfing in Abu Dhabi

The cost of a wakesurfing session depends on the day and time of the trip. On weekends the price of wakesurfing is higher, because the demand for the service increases many times. Therefore, if you want to catch waves on weekends or holidays, book your time in advance! It is advantageous to book long rides for several hours, so you will get a nice discount on the total cost.

The EYWOA club offers its clients not only affordable prices for wakesurfing, but also excellent service. The cost of the trip includes free drinks, training, equipment.

Skimboard in Dubai

In addition to wakesurfing we will be happy to offer you wakeboarding in Emirates as well as skimboarding. Skimboarding is a board surfing in shallow water, a great option for beginners in wave fishing and those who are afraid of the deep and the open sea.

Skimboarding is beloved by children and adults. It uses a special finless board made of durable carbon fiber. The control is carried out with the help of a rail and is very easy: the absence of fins allows the board to glide freely. But it is important to choose a skimboard according to weight and other parameters. If it is done correctly, riding will be comfortable and enjoyable. Having mastered skimboarding it will be easier to learn wakesurfing and surfing.

Wakesurfing, surfing, wakeboarding and skimboarding - all these types of water sports activities are available for the clients of our EYWOA club! Spend your unforgettable holidays in Dubai with us!